The research work of faculty

I. World history and the socio-political department;



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DT and the chair of the Department currently has 21 members, including: 1 professor, doctor of historical sciences (4.8%), 6 associate professors, candidates of science (28.6%), 6 senior lecturers, candidates of science (28.6% ) (7 th century philosophy. 1 GK Sociology, Political History GK 3 GK 1) 8 teachers (38%).


Academic staff of 13 degrees, which is 62 percent. Degree POQ- 38 percent of retirement age.


The average age of the staff is up to 42 years.




Meeting with US Vice-Consul Alexander Gormen.


II. Department of History of the Republic of Kazakhstan



All 15 full-time faculty members in the department - 15


The number of qualified teachers - 11


The scientific potential of the department: 73.3%


The department has its own traditions and values: the history of Kazakhstan, academician TZ Rysbekov School, Associate Professor GA Kushayeva founder of the archaeological school.