Sailauov Miras

1-year student majoring in law Miras Sailauova, the national "EXPO 2017" with a goal from a student to participate in the exhibition, held at the University of the way of achieving the same goal. Friends foresees the creation of a self-contained battery.

 That is, by the people of this device in any mobile phone will be able to charge the full quarter. Miras Almaty to take part in the international exhibition held in the national capital after taking part in the exhibition of funding to support young innovators and have the opportunity to put the device in the Board. Currently, the device is fully ready. Told the media after they solved the issue of a patent, put into circulation. In the meantime, their first interview, "First State Youth Radio".

The second direction of the leaves of the animation. Currently, the "EXPO 2017" promotional video "Du Chocolate" and Astana KazMedia-training videos and the program with the idea of working together. Miras detailed information can be found at: