History of faculty

September 1, 1938 at the Institute opened the Faculty of History. In the first academic year 1938-39 was made of 75 students, 25 of them at the college, and 50 people in the Teacher Training Institute. Faculty headed A.A.Korolevsky.

During the Great Patriotic War, the number of students in the History Department was significantly reduced, as well as in other departments, enrollment of students in the teacher's institute suspended for several years. The majority of male students, as well as a significant part of the students- girls voluntarily joined the Soviet Army and fought heroically at the fronts of the war. Students E.M.Pavlychev, KN Malygin and others. Died a heroic death in the battle of Stalingrad. Of female students fought in the Great Patriotic War LE Kashin G.A.Iskakova, VF Gorshkov, I.A.Makatova and others.

Together with the students during the war went to the front of the historical faculty of the majority of teachers. Teacher of history of the USSR VI Sokolov and professor of Medieval History DO Kireev died a heroic death.

In May 1942, combined with the philological faculty, but already in the first year after the war is restored as an independent in the composition of 2 groups (Russian and Kazakh) with the number of students in 50 people (Dean - Shaposhnikov GA).

In the 1947-1948 academic year, the Faculty of History was made more than 100 people. Organizers and leaders of the faculty were senior lecturer AA King, associate professor DO Medvedev, who since its inception read the course of history of the USSR.

A.A.Korolevsky in the history of the faculty was the first of its dean. The oldest faculty members were FO Kuzmin, V.I.Ivakin, NA Pimnev and Ya.S.Feygelson.

In 1953, the Faculty of History was merged with philological and during the years 1953-1975 is a historical department istfilfaka. During this period there was a Department of History, headed by D.O.Medvedev, V.I.Ivakin. From 1956 to 1972 Department trains teachers for schools generalist countryside.

In the late 50s and early 60s is a significant renewal of the teachers of history of the USSR and world history. Joined the ranks of young teachers mainly graduates of the Ural Pedagogical Institute, has received teaching experience in schools.

From 1963 until 1966 the History Department carries out preparation of teachers with additional qualification "methodologist on educational work," was the transition to a profile - history and pedagogy.

Department of History and Pedagogy worked as a part istfilfaka until September 1975. In September 1975, the newly recreated an independent Department of History, which is located in a former elementary school №18. Dean of the Faculty became a lecturer H.Zh.Suyunshaliev.

From September 1972 to train history teachers have been working already worked two departments: the Department of History of the USSR (the head. Kaf.dotsent G.A.Kushaev. P.R.Bukatkin), Department of General History (Head. Cafes. Associate Professor O. Grishina).

70 years on the faculty was an active scientific work on research and study of artefacts from archaeological research related to the names G.A.Kushaeva, B.F.Zhelezchikova, V.A.Krigera. It was equipped with an archeological laboratory, a museum of archeology, which were run conferences on the results of archaeological sites, arranged the exhibition field of archaeological material.

Kushaev GA and BF Zhelezchikov on the archaeological expedition

The head of the archaeological expedition Kushaev GA with students (1988)

Through the work of the scientific archaeological circle passed a generation of students, the whole school was created Ural archaeologists, known far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan. Our students took an active part in regional and all-Union archeological student conferences, whose reports are regularly awarded with diplomas and certificates. In 1975, in the city of Uralsk was conducted archaeological conference of the Ural-Volga region. Article archeology students have been published in several scientific journals, particularly in the "archaeological discoveries" (M.Kovalenko, S.Zhelezchikovoy, S.Zasedatelevoy, G.Kim). 80s can be noted as a stage further comprehensive strengthening and faculty development, professional development staff and its scientific potential. In this decade, there was also a faculty as a department composed of History and Philology, and as an independent structural unit of the Institute (1988).

Leninsky Saturday 1978 (from left to right: Schelokov OV Bashtovenko V. Amangaliev ZA, Matyukov AG)


Dean Faculty of History at this time was B.K.Brimzharov, A.P.Anischenko, T.Z.Rysbekov.

Existing faculty of the department of history of the USSR two and world history in 1988, were merged into one department.

During these years, significantly increased the scientific potential of the faculty. T.Z.Rysbekov G.A.Kushaev and receive the title of professor. He defended his thesis and received the degree of candidate of historical sciences A.M.Nurgalieva, M.N.Sdykov, N.A.Smirnova, S.H.Sagnaeva, N.I.Osipov.


Staff of the department of the CPSU (1989): Nurgaliyev AM White AI, Rysbekov TZ, L. Voronkov, Mukhtarov GT, Sdykov MN


Actively carry out the work under the supervision of local history and P.R.Bukatkina A.I.Belogo, following which students wrote essays, filled up a small local history museum exhibits in the study of history.




Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor A. Belyi (1986)


In 90 years on the faculty in order to improve the structure of training specialists of higher education introduced new specialty, popular in the market economy "archival", "Law", "Economics and Management", "Finance and Credit", "History and Law" "Foundations of Law and Economics", "History, law and economics."

In connection with the expansion of the range of specialties at the Faculty were created new departments: the Department of Economic Subjects (Head of the Department L.S.Tarshilova); Department of legal disciplines (Head of the Department A.S.Tasmagambetov).

In addition, continued to operate successfully two traditional departments: Department of History of Kazakhstan (Head of Department. T.Z.Rysbekov) and the Department of world history (in 1993-1996. - Head of the Department Kuzhabergenova KI, 1996-99. Head .kafedroy N.A.Smirnova).

In the 1995-96 academic year, the Faculty of History was merged with the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Faculty of History and Foreign Languages headed N.A.Kushkenbaev.


Decision of the Board of the University on August 25, 1997 was established the Department of History, Economics and Law. The faculty has 37 teachers, among them - 3 doctor of historical sciences, 12 candidates of sciences.

The number of students has increased significantly. In 1996, only the specialty "Law" was implemented a set of 4 academic groups, there are symbiotic specialty "History and Geography", "History, law and economics." After the merger of 3 high schools on the basis of the faculty and students are trained in the specialty "Customs".

A few years (1980-87, 1993-95, 1999-2001) headed the Department Associate Professor and then a doctor of historical sciences B.K.Brimzharov. In addition to his 90 years deans were M.N.Sdykov, K.I.Kuzhabergenova, P.R.Bukatkin.

The historians of the Faculty made a significant contribution to the development of a holistic concept of the history of Western Kazakhstan and scientific development of a number of problems in world history. Published scientific papers G.V.Kushaeva, Z.A.Amangalieva, P.R.Bukatkina, T.Z.Rysbekova, B.K.Brimzharova, M.N.Sdykova.

The faculty all these years functioned correspondence department, Methodist who has long worked S.H.Satybaeva, L.P.Chunina, Voitenko LF, M.S.Bakaev.

Frequent change of "signs" in the names of faculties and departments are not shaken, he remained one of the leading institute. This was the merit of all the generations of teaching staff, working at different times at the faculty. Among them were many outstanding personalities.

A.A.Korolevsky, which has already been discussed in previous chapters, taught a course in the history of the Soviet Union, but his research interests have focused on the Russian educators of the XIX century. Students remember his special courses and seminars on "Russian democracy".

The indelible impression left I.P.Kozlovsky professor, and above all its special courses and seminars on source and ancient period of Russian history. Under his influence, the students pulled in scientific circles, and subsequently many of them defended their theses.

I loved and respected remained Ya.S.Feygelson. He graduated from the Institute of Red Professors, worked in the Far East. During the repression 30s he was deported to Kazakhstan and forever linked his life with the Ural Pedagogical Institute. A man of encyclopedic knowledge, he was a wonderful lecturer, who came to listen to the students of other faculties. I read easy, moderate, easy to understand, clear literary language.

V.I.Ivakin - a graduate of the University of Saratov, my whole life is connected with the institute, began working with the pre-war years. He was at the front, returned to his hometown, Ph.D., head of the department of general history. He taught courses modern and contemporary history of the West and America, and his lectures were always full of new facts, the events of history. Demanding and "official" with students, Viktor Ivanovich produced a galaxy of historians.

Ivakin VI Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor



With the Department of General History Biography O.I.Grishinoy connected. A graduate of the Institute, she soon after it began to work as a teacher, giving courses on medieval history. She's serious about teaching, having a deep knowledge of foreign Middle Ages. It focused on her research, which culminated in the successful defense of a thesis in the Lomonosov Moscow State University. After defending the department in charge, he was the deputy dean. And Olga has always remained demanding, strict professional teachers.

Later came S.U.Uteshev chair, a veteran of World War II. He specialized in the history of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Arriving in science mature man, he persistently engaged in research and became associate professors.

And all the same person more than the faculty of the Department of History of the USSR was formed, which is itself actively engaged in research work, and engage students, and to the credit of the founder of the department, its first head D.O.Medvedeva.

On the pre-war and wartime history faculty it mentioned above. The department reopened in 1946, and until 1953 it was in charge of D.O.Medvedev. With him worked Sh.M.Karzhauov, E.M.Nelyubina, N.Brok, A.S.Elagin, Z.A.Amangaliev and Nedlin, it has done a lot in training, scientific research and advanced training, despite the difficulties of the post-war years . Thus, in 1950-54. D.O.Medvedev, A.S.Elagin, Z.A.Amangaliev successfully defended their dissertations.

Created by the Department of the foundation allowed to move to an effective research work 60s and 80s. At the department, new talented teachers and researchers: A.F.Aboyan, K.Zh.Suyunshaliev, A.I.Bely, G.A.Kushaev, T.Z.Rysbekov, B.K.Brimzharov, M.Zh.Abdirov , B.F.Zhelezchikov, V.V.Kislyakov, B.G.Shintemirova, S.Sagnaeva, K.I.Kuzhabergenova, T.D.Dauirbaeva.

His contribution to the cause of the material and institutional strengthening as an independent faculty introduced K.Zh.Suyunshaliev, who was his dean in the second half of the 70's - early 80-ies.

The growth of scientific potential, professional skills associated with the name P.R.Bukatkina, head of the department in the years 1964-72 and 1974-79 respectively. By this time, we determine the main directions of research: history and archeology of Kazakhstan.

Member of the Great Patriotic War P.R.Bukatkin forever linked with the Department of his pedagogical work and scientific research, employing and students. The keen interest of students called him special courses and seminars "Western Kazakhstan during World War II." On this topic, he successfully defended his thesis, and then continuing scientific research. His report "Western Kazakhstan - the near rear of the Stalingrad Front" at the All-Union Scientific Conference of the Institute of History of the USSR and the Institute of Military History of the USSR Ministry of Defense has received high praise and was published in the collective monograph in Moscow.

Pavel Romanovich did much to strengthen the material base of the chair: the first time the history of the office was equipped with technical means.


A graduate of the 40s A.I.Bely who has worked as a teacher in Guryev region at the end of the 50s comes to work at the institute at the Department of General History, and then connects his life with the Department of History of the USSR. His research interests - national history and local history. He writes about the Pugachev rebellion and successfully defended his thesis in the late 60s. Associate Dean, Head of the Department - whoever was Alexander I., he was always among the students, with whom he enjoyed great respect and sympathy.

The second direction of scientific work of the department - this archaeological research. Archaeological excavations in the area were in the past (for a long time engaged in archeology G.I.Bagrikov), but they got a special system in the '60s and beyond with the arrival in G.A.Kushaeva Institute, which in 1972 became head of the department. Among the participants of archaeological expeditions - B.F.Zhelezchikov, S.Sagnaeva, V.Kriger, N.Smirnova, T.S.Zhumagambetov other (they later defended his doctoral thesis, and B.F.Zhelezchikov, moved to work in Volgograd, it becomes a doctor of historical sciences).

G.A.Kushaev - a war veteran, PhD, an archaeologist at the call of the heart. Experience in the field of practice, knowledge, emotional and full of interesting facts lectures, skillful organization and carrying out of archaeological practice gave him a reputation and the respect of colleagues and students. It creates an archaeological museum at the institute, is conducting a series of regional conferences of scientific works on drafting the archaeological map of the Ural-Volga region.

The department is increasing the number of candidates who have successfully defended teachers V.V.Kislyakov, B.G.Shintemirova, H.I.Kuzhabergenova, M.Zh.Abdirov, B.K.Brimzharov, M.N.Sdykov and others.

A lot of effort and energy to the department and faculty T.E.Dyachkova, named after which F.O.Kuzmina related methodological work, training students for the future work of the teachers.

A special place in the history of the department belongs T.Z.Rysbekovu. A graduate of the Kazakh State University, he spent his teaching and research activities associated with the Institute. Tuyakbai Zeitovich first in the doctor of historical sciences, the permanent head of the institute in the 90s. When it receives the status of University Institute. He managed to bring the university more fortified from a difficult period of fundamental social change. He wrote more than 190 scientific papers on the political and socio-economic development of Kazakhstan, the national liberation movement, and others. Among them the monograph "The Council of Kazakhstan", "Essays on the history of Kazakhstan", "Өsken өlke Tarihi", "Bөkey horde tarihy" etc .. Since 1991, the date of the organization he heads the department of history of Kazakhstan, since 1993 supervises graduate students, many of whom have become candidates of science (S.S.Krivobokova, A.S.Tasmagambetov, S.B.Kurmanalin, G.B.Suleymenova, Zh.T.Ernazarov, G.E.Harabalin). It's safe to say that all the achievements of the Department of History of the USSR (the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan), as well as the whole faculty huge proportion of the labor academician T.Z.Rysbekova.

A landmark event in the 90s were the protection of two doctoral dissertations - doctor of historical sciences and steel B.K.Brimzharov M.N.Sdykov; they both made a significant contribution to the history of the department, faculty (both were deans).

The success of the department and faculty contributed K.I.Kuzhabergenova (Dean of the Faculty, Head of the Department of World History), S.H.Sagnaeva (now in Moscow), A.A.Suleymenov, G.V.Mostovschikova, S. H.Suleymenov, A.S.Tasmagambetov, hardworking and executive senior technicians I.Bogorado, G.T.Muhtarova and others.

The staff of the Faculty of History and Law (1999)

To date, the structure of the Faculty of 3 departments: the Department of History of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Head - Doctor of History, Professor Rysbekov Tuyakbai Zeitovich., Deputy. Head of the Department - PhD Alfiya Sabyrgalievna Baybulsynova), Department of legal disciplines (Head of Department - Ph.D., Associate Professor Lyazzat Serikovna Serikova), Department of World History and the social and political sciences (Head of Department - Ph.D., associate professor Suleimenov Gulnar Bahievna). Defended his doctoral thesis A.M.Nurgalieva, A.S.Tasmagambetov. Doctor of Historical Sciences U.T.Ahmetova 2012 research project won in the competition of research, announced by the Ministry of Education and Science "Scientific communities and institutions of the XVIII-XX centuries. Investigating Kazakhstan: history, the direction and the value of research."

History departments and the faculty continues to write youth. Humanism, integrity, discipline - these are the basic principles that are generated in the department.