Interactive lecture on a subject "History WKP and the cities of Uralsk"

On November 12, 2015 in faculty "Stories, economies and the rights", in department of "History RK" interactive lecture on a subject" History WKP and the cities of Uralsk" was given. Lecture on the Subject "History of the Cities of Kazakhstan" took place under the leadership of the candidate of historical sciences A.S. Baybulsinova, to students of the II course of specialty 5B020300 history, 07203.

During lecture were considered:

1. Basis of West Kazakhstan area.

2. Uralsk - the historical city.

3. Cultural historical city monuments of Uralsk and today's state development of the city.

The teacher began a lesson with a slide about West Kazakhstan area", then students made an assotsiogramma on a subject" WKP", Made Akim's module of the city (a wish, and. t. e), made an ideal portrait of the city of Uralsk, opinion how to keep cultural historical city monuments and. etc.

At the end of lecture the results on a subject were summed up, students got acquainted with many facts from history of the city and area. After, strengthened a new following subject.