I am to place a priority in the future

The department of History and law faculty of the Department of History of Kazakhstan November 28, 2013 in honor of the holiday - the Day of the First President - organized a roundtable on the theme "Man - Kazakhstan bolashaғyna basymdy tіkke adammyn" (N.Ә.Nazarbaev).


To participate were invited Secretary maslikhat WKO M.I.Kulshar, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan G.H.Kapakov, a veteran of the Party and Soviet bodies R.L.Kuzhekova veterans faculty H.Zh.Suynshaliev, P.R.Bukatkin, PPP faculty and students. The aim of the event was to review the individual Nursultan Nazarbayev, his life and work way, contribute to the economy and culture of the country.