Research work of students

Compared to previous years, great interest of students to research projects. 4th year student of the specialty Jurisprudence N.Kulieva is a member of various scientific conference. You can also note the students of specialty Yuriprudentsiya A.Tashbaevu 2nd year, 3rd year G.Kulikova, G.Koylanovu, specialty Regional Studies A.Murzabaevu 3rd year, 4th year student majoring history Zh.Nurmukanova etc.


2nd year student of the specialty Jurisprudence A.Tashbaeva participated in the conference "Sybaylas zhemқorlyқ zhane ekonomikalyқ қylmystardyң Aldyn alu" among universities Uralsk and naunym report "Sybaylas zhemқorlyқtyң қoғam changed memleketke қaupі" took 2nd place. With the same ATashbaeva scientific report at the conference "Zhemқorrlyққa zhane kөleңkelі ekonomikaғa қarsy kүres" organized by the Department of Economics and combat kooruptsii WKO took the 3rd place.

3rd year student of the specialty Jurisprudence G.Koylanova October 2, 2013 in a round table organized by the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan made a presentation on "ҚR zhastary қoғamdyқ sayasi үderіs tolқynynda: problemalar changed mүmkіndіkter. Stependiatka im.N.A.Nazarbaeva also participated in the work of the conference organized AIDS center on the theme "zhitsu әlemdі dүrlіktіrgen Dirt" and recognized in the category Best Rapporteur.

2nd year student of the specialty Jurisprudence A.Kamalova the competition in the framework of the Plan of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the legal training of young people for 2012-2013 among students and graduates of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of electoral law and the electoral process in the Republic of Kazakhstan was awarded a letter of thanks. In the contest participated as a student of 3rd year specialty Regional Studies A.Murzabaeva a project implemented under the supervision of senior teacher T.T.Shayhievym. The contest A.Murzabaeva won a prize for the best work among students of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan. At the national competition "Shining Path in the XXI century Alash", declared the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan "Ak Zhol" 3rd year student A.Murzabaeva proschlo the second stage, and won a prize among university students and government officials of Kazakhstan. The competition she presented the work on the theme "Modernization of Kazakhstan society on the European model," vypolennuyu under the supervision of the candidate of historical sciences Zhurasovoy A.Ş.

In March 2013 2nd year students majoring History E.Ayapbergenuly, A.Baktygalieva and 3rd year student at Kokshetau Zh.Nurmuhanov participated in the republican subject Olympiad on History. Research team leader Hist A.S.Baybolsynova.