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Tuyakbai Zeitovich actively engaged in social work in the region, was repeatedly elected deputy of city and regional maslikhats, a member of the Political Bureau and the Political Council of "Nur Otan". He was elected academician of the Academy of Arts (1995), the Academy of Social Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1996), the Baltic Pedagogical Academy (1996), the Academy of Social and Pedagogical Sciences (Moscow, 1997), the International Academy of Higher Education ( 1997), corresponding member of Peter's Academy (2003), the Academy of Informatization (2005), the Academy of Higher School of Kazakhstan (2006), the International Eurasian Academy (2007), member of the Political Council of the International Eurasian Movement (2004 .), the Council of Rectors of MES RK (2005), the Club of Rectors of European universities (2006), winner of the journal "Journal of Higher School of Kazakhstan" (1996), winner of the republican magazine "Aқiқat" (1997). The Association of Universities of Kazakhstan was awarded the title "Uzdik author" (2004).

TZ Rysbekov awarded diplomas of the Ministry of Education, Medal "Veteran of Labour" (1987), Ibrai Altynsarin (1992), A.Baitursynov (2004, 2007), "Kazakhstan Independence 10 zhyl" (2001 ), "Gold Medal SPI» (Paris, 2005), "For personal contribution to the development of European integration" (Oskford-2006), "For merits in development of science in Kazakhstan" (2004), "United Europe "(Oxford 2006)," 10 years of Astana "(2008), the badge" Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan "(1995.), the Order" For merits in the development of the Information Society of the Russian Federation "(2005), honorary "The leader of the National Economy 2006" (Moscow), the state award of Kazakhstan -ordenom "Parasat" (2006), awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (1996), "Honorary Citizen of the city of Uralsk" (1998 ) international title "Pofessional Year" (UK - 2007), the title of "Honored Worker of Sports of Kazakhstan" (2007), "Honored Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2007)

Main areas of research:

1. Rysbekov TZ Dialogue with history. - Uralsk, 2007. - 95 p.

2. Sketches of the history of his native land. - Uralsk, 2007. - 196 p.

3. Kөzқaras. - Uralsk, 2007. - 240 p.

4. Menin Kazakhstanym. - Oral, 2007. - 160 p.

5. Rysbekov TZ, Kenzhaliyev IN Raw Datұly (Tarija sketch). - Oral, 2007. - 72 p.

6. Rysbekov TZ Tarija Tanym zhane aқiқat. - Oral: M.Өtemіsov at. BҚMU BASPA ortalygy, 2011 - 370 p.

Mukhtar Abilseit Kapizovich born in 1964

Mұқtar Әbіlseyіt Қapizұly - a specialist in the history of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Historical Sciences (2003), Professor (2008).

1986 - graduated with honors from Guryev Pedagogical Institute.

1990-1993:. - Post-graduate student of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University. Abay.

Of 1993-1995. - Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior Lecturer of the Department "History of Kazakhstan" Atyrau Pedagogical Institute.

1995-2001 years. - Senior Researcher, Deputy Dean of the History Faculty of Kostanai State University. A.Baitursynov.

Of 2001-2003. - Dean of the Faculty of Kostanai Social Academy.

In 2003-2008. - Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Vice-Rector for Social and Economic Affairs and on educational work, Vice Rector for Research and International Relations of Atyrau State universitieta them. H. Dosmukhamedov.

Gg.- 2008-2010 on the orders of the Monitoring Committee - Chairman of the Dissertation Council DB 14.61.26 07.00.02 Domestic history-West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov.

From 2008 to present - Vice-rector for scientific work and international relations of the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov.

He is currently a member of the editorial board of scientific journals: "Domestic history" of the Institute of History, Ethnology. Sh.Ualikhanov, "Bulletin ZKGU them. M. Utemisov "Republican scientific-methodical magazine" Kazakh tarihy. "

The main scientific works

- Azattyқ tany Zholynda (Almaty, Nauka, 2001) (in Kazakh language)

- Raw Batyr zhane Nұraly Khan (Kostanai, 2001) (in Kazakh language)

- Kazakh mұnayynyң tarihy (Almaty Өlke, 2006) (in Kazakh language)

- Tarikh tұңғiyғyndaғy tұlғalar (Almaty Aris) (2008 in the Kazakh language)

- Tarikh aydynyndaғy tұlғalar "(Uralsk izd.- ZKGU in 2012), (in Kazakh language)

- And more than 200 scientific articles.