International cooperation

Currently, the Department of History, Economics and Law UKGU the cooperation with the Russian State University of Friendship of Peoples, the London Academy of Management and Sciences, Saratov Socio-Economic University, Volga Institute of Business, the Samara State Economic University, Volga Region State University of Service, Kalmykia State University, University. Kazimir the Great; International Institute for Tourism and Culture of the State of Poland, the Russian State Economic University named after Plekhanov, etc.

In general, international cooperation is carried out in three ways.

The first - to conduct joint scientific and practical conference. So, together with the Institute of Business Povolzhskaya annually since 2008, produced scientific collections "of science, business, education" on actual problems of the economy.

The second direction- to the international exchange is preparing students and undergraduates in countries near and far abroad. The Russian Peoples' Friendship University will zaschischatsya master's thesis graduate with a degree in «Strategic Management».

Third direction- educational programs. Under the agreement, together with the Russian Peoples' Friendship University, work continues on preparing masters in specialty "Management" with specialization «General and Strategic Management" and "Jurisprudence».

Foreign contract by industry, Department of History, Economics and Law


partner universities and foreign countries


History, Economics and Law


5V011400- history 5V011500-Foundations of Law and Economics 5V020200- International Relations

5V020300- history 5V030100- Legal 5V050100- Sociology

5V050500 -Regionovedenie

5V050600- Economy

5V050700- Management

5V050800- Accounting and auditing

5V050900- Finance

5V051000- State and local government

5V051100- Marketing

5V090200- Tourism

 University of Passau (spec. "History»)

 University. Johannes Gutenberg (spec. "Management", "Economy", "Law»)

 The International Institute for Tourism and Culture (spec. "Tourism»)

Gazi University (spec. "Tourism", "Law»)

University Mykolas Romeriasa (spec. "Management", "Accounting", "Finance", "Financial Economics", "Law", "Sociology", "Management and Business Administration")

Slavic University (spec. "International Relations", "Region", "Tourism»)

University of Economics (spec. "Economics", "Tourism", "Sociology", "Management", "Marketing»)

<! - [if! supportLists] -> 8. <! - [endif] -> Tauride National University. Vernadsky (spec. "History", "Law", "Management", "Tourism", "Economy", "State and municipal management»)

The Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University (spec. "History", "Accounting and Auditing," "Management", "Economics»)

Gzhel State Artistic-Industrial Institute (spec. "Economics", "management", "Tourism", "Finance and Credit", "State and municipal management»)

 Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski "(special." History "," International Relations "," Economy "," Economics and Finance "," Sociology "," Tourism "," History and Philosophy "," History and geography »)

 Turkish World Research Institute of the University of the Aegean (the direction of doctoral and magistreskih programs: "The history of Turkic peoples", "Social, economic and political relations of the Turkic world»)

 University. Casimir the Great (spec. "International Relations", "History", "Sociology", "Tourism»)

 University. Otto von Guericke (spec. "History", "Sociology", "Economy", "Finance", "Management»)

The London Academy of Management and Sciences (spec. "Business Management", "Business Accounting", "Management in tourism and hospitality»)

 Mississippi Valley State University (spec. "Finance", "Business Administration", "Accounting", "Criminal Law", "History", "Politics", "Sociology", "International relations »)

Bashkir State University (spec. "Tourism", "Sociology", "Management", "Economy", "History", "Foreign Regional Studies", "Law", "International Relations")

 The Russian Peoples' Friendship University (spec. "Tourism", "Sociology", "Management", "Economy", "History", "Foreign Regional Studies", "Law", "International Relations" "State and municipal management»)

 Astrakhan State University (spec. "Economics", "Management", "Sociology", "Law", "Foreign Regional Studies", "History", "International relations", "Tourism")

 Ulyanovsk State University (spec. "Economics", "Management", "Law", "International Relations", "History", "Sociology", "Tourism»)

Samara State Technical University (spec. "Economics", "Management", "State and municipal management»)

 Samara State University of Economics (spec. "Economics", "Management", "Law", "Sociology", "Tourism", "State and municipal management»)

 Volga Institute of Business (spec. "Economics", "Management»)

Orenburg State University (spec. "History", "Sociology", "Economics", "Management", "State and municipal management", "Tourism", "Marketing", "Jurisprudence" )

Orenburg State Pedagogical University. Chkalov (spec. "History", "Sociology", "Economics", "Management»)

Togliatti State University of Service (spec. "Tourism", "Economics", "Management", "Accounting", "Finance and Credit»)

Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (special. "Tourism»)

 Interdisciplinary Institute training and retraining of managers and specialists of the Russian Academy of Economics. GV Plekhanov (spec. "Finance", "Accounting and Auditing," "Management»)

Russian State University of Tourism and Service (spec. "Tourism", "Economics", "Management", "Law", "State and municipal management»)

Volgograd State Pedagogical University (spec. "Economics", "Management", "Tourism»)

 Volzhsky Humanitarian Institute (branch) of SEI HPE Volgograd State University (spec. "Management", "Law", "State and municipal management", "Economy", "History", "Economy and Accounting »)

 Volgograd State University (spec. "Management", "Law", "State and municipal management", "Economy", "History", "Tourism", "Sociology", "Foreign Regional Studies "" International relations »)

Saratov State University. NGChernyshevsky (spec. "History", "Tourism", "International Relations", "Sociology", "Region of Russia", "State and Municipal Management", "Economics", "Management", "Law") < / p>

 Belgorod State University (spec. "History", "Tourism", "International Relations", "Sociology", "State and Municipal Management", "Economics", "Management", "Law "" Foreign Regional Studies »)

 Togliatti State University (spec. "Economics", "Management", "Law»)

 Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (special. "Tourism»)

Samara State University ( special. "History", "International Relations", "Sociology", "State and Municipal Management", "Economics "" Management "," Law », )

Saratov State Socio-Humanitarian University (spec. "History", "Tourism" Economics "," Management "," Law "," International Relations "," Foreign Regional Studies ")

 Kalmyk State University (spec. "History", "Economics", "Management", "Finance and Credit", "State and municipal management", "Law»)

Novosibirsk State University (spec. "History", "Economics", "Management", "Sociology", "Law»)

 Glazov State Pedagogical Institute. VGKorolenko (spec. "History and Law", "State and municipal management", "Law and Economics", "History and Social Studies»)

 Omsk State Pedagogical University (spec. "History and Law", "Economy", "History and Social Studies", "Tourism", «Management»)

TomskState University (spec. "Management", "International Relations", "Sociology", "History", "Regional Russian" "Foreign Regional Studies»)

Omsk State TechnologyUniversity (spec. "Economics", "Management", " State and municipal management »)

Saratov State Academy of Law (special. «Jurisprudence", "Economics and Accounting» )

Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic (spec. « Accounting », «State and municipal management "," Public finance and financial regulation »,« Management »)

Russian State Humanitarian University (spec. «Sociology", "History", "State and municipal management", "Tourism", "Management "" International Relations "," Economy »)

Perm State National ResearchUniversity (spec. "History," "State and municipal Management "," Tourism "," Management "," International Relations "," Economy "," Sociology "," Law »)

Institute of Ethnological Studies. RG Kuzeev Ufa Scientific Centre (spec. "Historical Science»)

Volga Institute. PA Stolypin (special. «Economics", "Management", "Law", "State and municipal management", "Foreign Regional Studies", "Finance and Credit»

Istykkulsky State University. K. Tynystanov (spec. "History", "Regional Studies», « and Financial », «Accounting»)

Kazan (Volga) Federal University (spec. "Law", "International Law", "International Relations", "History", "Sociology", "Region", "State and municipal management "," Tourism "," Economics "," Management "," Marketing »)

 Ivanovo State University (spec. "Economics", "Management", "Finance and Credit", "International Relations", "History", "Law»)

Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University. I.N.Ulyanova (spec. "Jurisprudence", "History»)

University Dev Sanskriti (spec. "Management", "Tourism»)

University of Adam Mickiewicz (spec. "Right»)

Balikesir University (spec. "Tourism", «Finance»)

Naryn State University S.Naamatova (spec. "History", "Economics", "Management", "Accounting", "Finance", "State and municipal management")

Penza State University (spec. "Law", "International Relations", "History", "Sociology", "State and municipal management", "Tourism", "Economics", "Management »)

Krasnodar State University of Culture and Arts (special. "Tourism»)

 Orenburg State Agrarian University (spec. "Economics", "Management", "Law", "State and municipal management»)

Vitebsk State University named after Masherov (spec. "History", "Law»)