H. Zh. Suinshaliyev


Pen Zhumashuly Süyinşäli did Red Akzhaik district of West Kazakhstan region, on the shore of the village council Deep, was born ten segizininşi th of January, 1925. Where his father Zhumash engaged in economic activity, raising cattle were engaged in fishing. Childhood spent in the education of the mother's navel.



Served in the army during World War II. The borders of the Caucasus Front, Georgia and Turkey launched military units of the air defense training. 13 345 PA Polk battery "range finder" section placed. In March 1946, the demobilization of collapse. In 1946-1950 graduated from the Pushkin entered the institute in the Urals, a historian with a specialty.

Upon graduation, the regional education authority inspector of orphans, the regional party committee and instructors in schools after a year, the first held the post of Assistant Secretary.

Since 1955 until recently, sixty years on the job of ZKGU im.M.Utemisova and has been working as a teacher in the history of the Fatherland. At each of the Deputy Dean of the History Faculty of Philology, Department of History and Dean of the Faculty of Education, the head of the Department of History of the Communist Party is recognized as a leading and respected employee of the university.

In 1960-1966, the Institute Pen Jumaşulın miss the five-month professional development courses in the cities of Tashkent, Kiev, opened the way for the future. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Department of History of the competitor (soïskatel) is a registered trademark. At the same time worked as a historian, the scientist in charge of Kazhym Khabiyev. Master's thesis in "Komsomolskaya Pravda Kazakhstan - Active pomoşçnïk partïï Cultural revolyucïï" approved by the years 1928-1940. Then, soon after 1969. KazGu of the scientific council in April of this dissertation on the subject, will have a scientific degree of candidate of historical sciences. One of the recommendations of the Council of the Institute, after working for two years the Commission approved the appointments of the rank of associate professor. Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 21, 2000, 9 of the defense on the orders of the military was given the rank of colonel in the reserve.

In the first 60 years of research work from the second rock brochures, newspapers and magazines were out of the state and Russian languages.

WKSU currently working as an Associate Professor of Veterans' Association Chairman. On the eve of the anniversary of the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory, "the veteran brothers" has released a commemorative book (16.5 pp). So your forearms with the University kollektïvimen sıbanğan public figure, was given to another. Grammotalarmen "For oboronw Caucasus", "For Germany pobedw over" more than ten medals, along with five medals. The winner of the Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A sovereign country's native language will be published in the following works:

1. Internal Horde and the fiery poet Makhambet. A., 2002. 3,56 items of l

2. The history of teaching quralı.Oral, 2003. 2,5 items of l

3. National Liberation M.Utemisuly spiritual inspirer of the uprising, Rome, 2004. 5.26 items of l

4. Veteran brothers. The book is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great savings volume of 16.5 pp