H. I. Kuzhabergenova

Kuzhabergenova Khalid Hasanovna- Hist., Associate Professor

Born July 27, 1946 in the village. Braces (byvsh.Kamensky district) Taskalinskogo district of West Kazakhstan region. 1965 graduated from high school (secondary school Chizhinskaya). 1969 entered the Pedagogical Institute. AS Pushkin and graduated in 1974 with a degree in "History".

1974 has been employed at the college im.A.S. Pushkin to the department "History of the USSR." 1977 was transferred to the department of "The History of the Communist Party" to the post of lecturer. 1988 defended her thesis on specialized academic council Kirgili Frunze on a specialty 07.00.01.- "History of the Communist Party." 1990 was adopted for the post head. the Department "General History" then 1993-1996 GG He worked as dean. 1996-2007 GG worked as manager. chair of "General History". Currently he worked as a lecturer at the department of "World history and social and political sciences.


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Elektrondy oқulyқ

Zhauynger zholy- ұrpaққa sabaқ // Respublikalyқ ғylymi-tәzhіribelіk conference "Uly Otan soғysy zhyldaryndaғy Kazakhstan: the Tarikh zhane taғylym 29 april 2010 zhyl