Department of World History and Social and Political disciplines

Chair: From history to modern times

Department of World History and socio-political disciplines created by merging the Department "General History" and "The social and humanitarian disciplines" Order ZKGU them. M. Utemisov №013 (R) -201, 21.09. 2009. In 2010, the staff of the department includes teachers of the department "Philosophy and foundations of law."

 The department became inherited the best traditions and achievements of the Department of General History, Philosophy and Scientific Communism. Department of General History begins his story with the 30-ies of XX century, when at the Department of History teaches courses of general history. Still works ostavschihsya in memory generation of teachers such as the candidate of historical sciences DO Medvedev, Ya.S.Figelson, F.S.Kuzmin, A.A.Korolevsky, Sh.Sh. Karzhauov, A.M.Yagninsky, G.I.Bagrikov, S.R.Nedlin, E.T.Nelyubina. And then the chair was living a normal life of academic institutions such as the Pedagogical Institute. Hold open lectures, seminars, discussed the results of supervised practice. For example, a public lecture on "The reunification of Germany," the lecturer F.S.Kuzmin, "China in the years of preparation for the revolution", the lecturer Ya.S.Figelson. Ya.S.Figelson has entseklopedichesimi knowledge ortaorskim art in his lectures fascinated students. His lectures were distinguished by deep methodological and conceptual terms, each historical event illustrated by facts and documents. Among the teachers also differed A.A.Korolevsky senior teacher, who was preparing his thesis at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.


In the history of the organization of educational and scientific activities of the department of special page dealing with scientific conference of the Ural Pedagogical Institute, which took place from 5 to 10 May 1939 and the second conference of May 25, 1940. Among the 10 reports scheduled for the first scientific conference can be identified D.I.Kireeva report on "The criticism of the fascist falsification in reporting the early Middle Ages." Department of General History has actively participated in the organization of NIRS. Appreciation (third prize) received a report of a student M.Moldagalievoy on "The generalization of the theory of Wilson," read at a national student conference in Frunze. In the early 50's at the department read courses: "Social-revolutionary movement in Russia in the II floor. HUІІІ and first floor. XIX centuries "; "The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." (Old. Prep. Royal AA). In his memoirs, associate professor, professor emeritus ZKGU P.R.Bukatkina says, "Lectures on the special course A.A.Korolevskogo revolutionary democracy raises numerous questions, and often heated debate turned into a debate forever fitting into his memory blgodarnyh students."

 Considering the growth of the Kazakh schools graduates of the department goes on reading rates in the Kazakh language. For example, on the second year of the Institute of History Faculty Teachers' Course "Methods of teaching of history" was read in the Kazakh language teacher Karzhauova Sh

The Department worked scientific circles. For example from the materials department meeting on December 28, 1951 you can see that the students at the meeting discussed the circle 6 reports on various problems of history: "The Peasant War under the leadership of I.Taymanova"; "Participation of the Kazakh people in the Pugachev uprising"; "Fighting the way the 8 Guards Rifle Division Major General Panfilov im.general" and others. These reports were presented at the JINR conference in November 1951. Report of the student-course ІU History Faculty Karasaeva solution Directorate of the Institute was awarded the I Prize and the report of the Royal student of I course on "Monuments of Uralsk and its surroundings in HUІІІ century" was awarded the honorary certificate.

1953 department is headed by a graduate of the Saratov State University, candidate of historical sciences V.I.Ivakin. V.I.Ivakin from 1953 until the death produced a generation of historians. A man with a great sense of humor is extremely modest, had kolosalnoe knowledge. Lectures at first glance monotonous were deep in content and methodologically adjusted. In fact he was a teacher of historians 60-70 years. The 80- to 90 GG great contribution to the training of history teachers have Kushaev GV Grishina OI Bukatkin PR, AK Komarov, A. White, H.I.Kuzhabergenova, N.A.Smirnova, O .V.Schelokov, Mostovshchikov GV Suleimenov AA Mnigie are still successfully working in various universities of the republic and the Russian Federation.

In 1970, according to the Ministry of Education Kaz SSR opens the Department of Philosophy and Scientific Communism. Allocates space in graduate school and are sent for training many young teachers, with the result that the department has replenished by specialists with advanced degrees. In 1975, on the basis of it was formed two separate departments: the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Scientific Communism, which received the status of university-wide.

The teaching of political science (scientific communism) in Soviet universities introduced during the early 60's -70's. In our teacher's college in the course of these years of scientific communism, as well as philosophy and political economy, was read as part of the department of social and economic disciplines to the 1963-1964 school year.

The increasing role of political knowledge in the world has led to the fact that in the Soviet Union of the department of scientific communism throughout branched off from the social and humanitarian disciplines and become independent. The UPI them. AS Pushkin's Department of Scientific Communism was separated from philosophy and became independent in October 1975 in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education of the Kazakh SSR №117 from September 9, 1975

The department includes: Cherkashin IF -zav. Chair, Associate Professor; Kozhahmetov UT assistant professor; A. Eremin, A. Prokopov MV - Art. teachers Iskakova ZB-teacher. Laboratory -Bisekeshova NB

The first head of department was Cherkashin IF Member of the Great Patriotic War, Ph.D., associate professor, former rector, the Excellent Education of the USSR, was awarded the medal named after academician Vavilov SI, pensioner Republican values, is listed in the Guinness Book of Labor Glory of the Ural region. If it were established tradition of excellence, accountability, high political culture of benevolence, which encourage young teachers. In 1977-1979 gg. Department was headed by PhD, art. teacher Prokopov MV then moved to Belgorod.

In 1981, the head of the department at the IF Cherkashin took PhD, Associate Professor NP Skachkov, who headed the department for the year 2003-2004 / with few interruptions caused by the functioning of the departments of the SRS and the SAP /. For conscientious work contribution to the enlightenment and education of the youth Skachkova NP and encouraged repeatedly awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Education of the USSR (1982), the medal "Veteran of Labor" (1990), the badge "Excellence in Public Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (1992), as well as diplomas of the university.

During these years, she worked at the department are highly qualified teachers as the candidate of historical sciences associate professor Grishin OI, senior prepodvatel Eremin, AA, defended their dissertations Shintemirova BG, Polubabkin VP Dobryana PA Sadyrova M., B. Kalshabaeva / Sadyrova M., B. Kalshabaeva currently - Doctor of Science, working in Almaty. /

In the 90 years of the Department staff replenished Shayhievym TT Zaprometovym AM, Utesheva E., M. Zhanuzakovym, Erzhigitova A., grown in a responsible, decent teachers. Later they began to work at the Department of Hist Muhlisova ZK, p. teacher Khaydarov EE, Ph.D., associate professor Shokabasov TD, PhD in sociology, art. teacher Abulkasova DB Training and support work carried head. Cabinet Zubritskaya IV, 1992 - senior laboratory Sengalieva AH

Since the mid 80's and by 1990 due to the restructuring and communion to the civilizational and human values, reform the education system Department reoriented reading courses political science and sociology, which are read to this day.

At the state level in 1990, "Politics" and "Politician" have been made in the range / list / sciences and professions. It has become possible to study the political sphere in all its breadth and all spectra. Truth thus becomes for us the body of knowledge discovery many schools and trends of political science, thanks to which, in practice, democracy, liberal values, rule of law, civil society become real. Introduction to political science and sociology as disciplines was a landmark event, a breakthrough to Western values.

Over the years, in the course of the reform the entire education system has the sovereign Republic of Kazakhstan Department of Political Science and Sociology, has undergone some changes: updated with teachers of the humanities within the West Kazakhstan Humanitarian University. AS Pushkin (1996.), And then transformed into the West Kazakhstan State University by joining the West-Kazakhstan Humanitarian University. AS Pushkin West Kazakhstan Agricultural University and the Institute of Arts. Dauletkerei. / Government Decision of 14.02.2000, the, №236 /

State building, accompanied by a series democratization of the political system, development of the rule of law, the search for sustainable patterns of the party system and civil society, presupposes the existence of a politically literate electorate, able to navigate in the ongoing processes, both in our country and in the world. \

The department provides educational process at the state and Russian languages on all disciplines ZKGU and is a graduate of specialties 520730 and 050501, "Sociology". PPP promotes the formation of students' civil political awareness and skills of civilized political behavior, a sense of civic patriotism, human values, which is important for the formation and functioning of the institutions of civil society and a democratic state.

The efforts of the Department were aimed at improving the professional skills of teachers, their creativity, increase the attractiveness of the image of educational disciplines read at the department. Professionalism, elite teachers are not constants. Knowledge quickly becomes obsolete, so you should systematically work on yourself. The problem is seen in the development of the ability to learn and teach yourself to learn the students to learn to use the Internet not for the purpose of plagiarism for essays.

Always in demand not only competent compilation, which were valued at the time of Chernyshevsky NG .. Internet expands the boundaries of knowledge, allows you to map the material. The most important is the own contribution, their own discoveries, participation in competitive research of regional, national and international events: seminars, conferences, won grants. Teaching - a kind of communication between the teacher and the youth audience. Major efforts directed at finding new modalities for enhancing the learning process. Systematically practiced "round tables", debates, abstracting scientific articles, discussions, logical tasks, training, business simulations, testing, preparation of political and sociological crossword puzzles, in which the links students and teachers of the university and the state. The department was created Bank of teaching materials that can be completed after each meeting cathedral scientific and methodological seminar.

During these years, faculty of the department issued textbooks and teaching aids, online tutorials. Among them, a tutorial, won a grant from the Soros Foundation-authors Associate Professor Shintimirova BG, Art. TT teacher Shaikh, who also developed a textbook on sociology and its electronic version. Two editions of teaching aids the candidate of philosophical sciences associate professor Dobryaeva PA Benefits of social and political practice of students, the annual Presidential Address to people of Kazakhstan k.f.n, associate Skachkova NP and others. The assets of the leading faculty of the department - scientific articles, published annually in the "Bulletin" ZKGU.

Up on the 2001-2002 academic year at the department working laboratory for social and marketing research, led by Associate Professor Dobryaevym PA Every year on the scientific methods surveyed students differ significantly and allows the University administration to use the survey data to improve management of the university. Executes orders of administration in the case studies. The work was done by the students acquire the skills of this important work, and willing to participate in it. Currently Associate Professor Dobryana PA He directs this work at the university level.

All the years of the department spends most socio-political, advocacy across the region, the city and the home university. Skachkova NP led regional "Philosophical Society", and regional society "Knowledge" for many years was a member of the expert committee had multiple permanent vnutrivuzovkskie order. Senior lecturer Shaikh TT - Member of the city onomastic commission Dobryana PA 2004 - deputy chairman of the regional committee of the Civic Party, engaged in the organization of election campaigns in the local and central authorities, etc.

From 2004-2005, the successor of a jump NP superintendence to become Abulkasova D.B.- young specialist, graduated from the Saratov State University. Chernyshevsky, in 2001 she defended her thesis at the Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University on a specialty 22.00.04-social structure, social institutes and processes. For participation in international summer schools in the years 1999-2003 has 5 certificates.

The department has 17 teachers, including 7 Ph.D., accounting for 58% of the total number of teachers, the average age of faculty 39 years, including 9 professors held classes in the state and Russian languages.

The value of the disciplines of political science and sociology has been increasing steadily. The demand for political knowledge society to a large extent led not only to the preservation of political science and sociology, in every possible way to improve the political culture in the list of educational disciplines. From elective courses students Order of MES from August 18, 2006 №454 discipline of political science and sociology introduced a mandatory component of the cycle of general disciplines of professional higher education.

Training courses were held Associate Professor Abulkasova D.B.- for a three-year program of the International Central Asian Resource Center "Improving academic and teaching skills in the discipline" Sociology "in Central Asia." Teacher Erzhigitov AZ took part in the competition and won a grant to participate in the 3-year project TSARTS Fund "Culture and society through the lens of anthropology", he took part in the summer school on "The main issues in the anthropological analysis" in Almaty.

In international conferences attended art. Shaikh TT teacher, teacher Erzhigitov A., associate professor Skachkova NP, associate professor Abulkasova DB For contribution to the development of science art. Ven. Shaikh TT He was awarded a medal for the 10th anniversary of the Constitution of Kazakhstan.

An important criterion for R & D department were the organization and management of student research work. NIRS covers about 50% of students. Increase students' interest in scientific research, promoting the participation of students in the competitions held by various international funds, in a competition for grants to carry out research, student exchange programs - has been a constant concern of the Department staff.


Staff of the department


Currently the department has 22 teachers, including - 1 professor, Ph.D., Associate Professor 1, Ph.D., 6 associate professors, PhDs, 5, Art. teachers, PhDs, 9 teachers. The number of faculty with advanced degrees - 13 people, accounting for 62%. The average age of teaching staff is 43 years. Head of the department is a candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor Nauanova Karmanay Madeevna.

Docent Dobryana PA from 11.10 at 23.10. 2010 passed courses IPK in Almaty. Acquainted with the work and PKI infrastructure Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi, the work of the Department of Sociology. Attended lectures head. Department of Sociology Abdiraymovoy GS and received from it all the necessary consultations. He visits the exhibition "Kazakhstan Internet". Familiarized m UMK Department of Sociology, training materials, shared the experience of the development of teaching materials and conducting sociological research. Selected materials for the scientific paper "Inter-confessional relations in the perception of modern Kazakh students." Docent Dobryana PA from 11.10 at 23.10. 2010 passed courses IPK in Almaty. Acquainted with the work and PKI infrastructure Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi, the work of the Department of Sociology. Attended lectures head. Department of Sociology Abdiraymovoy GS and received from it all the necessary consultations. He visits the exhibition "Kazakhstan Internet".