Department of Accounting and Finance

"Accounting - is the conscience of the business"

  L.fon Mises

"In modern times, the determining factor in the competitiveness of any nation is the level of education and intellectual potential of society. As the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan NA Nazarbayev in his Address to people of Kazakhstan in March 2007, "... we must achieve provision of quality educational services across the country to the world standards." Implementation of this mission lies with the national universities, public universities, which have a special status.

Today ZKGU im.M. Utemisov is considered as one of the leading universities in Western Kazakhstan, carrying out training of highly qualified personnel.

Occupation financier, accountant in a market economy is one of the most important, challenging and prestigious. Highly skilled in the art were paid high wages. Young people, by the profession, could touch the fundamental source of human knowledge and experience. Having mastered the accounting profession, reaching heights of her cherished, they will contribute to the development of accounting. After studying the financial discipline, will be able to manage the economic processes at both the micro and macro level.

Accounting, which appeared simultaneously with the script, which was the fundamental requirement of economic activity. Universities all over the world it is recognized as the most important subject for business students.

Finance - is the basis of any legal proceedings of any business.

Graduates of these specializations can take an economist, accountant, auditor, state employee, manager, head of the company, the analyst, banker, insurance agent, financial menedzhega and others.

Spheres of professional activity are the state bodies, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, control and state regulation of the economy, links market infrastructure, scientific research institutions.

Areas of professional activity meant for the economic, administrative, business, commercial, scientific and research work at the enterprises of different ownership forms.

In ZKGU im.M.Utemisova lessons are highly professional teachers who have not only teaching, but also practical experience, including CAP Certified Accountants. Training is conducted in Russian and state languages, there are additional electives in-depth study of foreign languages.

Your future success starts here!

Yours faithfully, Head of the Department Ph.D. MK Nugmanova 

Department of "Accounting and Finance" has been operating since 2002 and is a graduate of the specialty 5B050800 "Accounting and Auditing" and 5V050900 "Finance". The state license of the Republic of Kazakhstan number 0026241 Series AB. valid without limitation.

Training is conducted in accordance with the JI, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. Specialties are fully provided educational complex, the content of which corresponds to a model curriculum for the credit system of education

The department trains specialists of two levels, higher and secondary vocational education in daytime and correspondence courses in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

Teaching staff of the department:

1. PhD, senior lecturers - 8

2. Master of Economics - 2

3. Teachers - 5

Ostepenennyh the department is 53%.



Teaching staff

1. PhD, Associate Professor Marina Kazhmuratovna Nugmanova

2. PhD, Associate Professor Erniyazova Alia Aybekovna

3. PhD, Associate Professor Anna A. Turchenko

4. PhD, senior lecturer Shamakova Nafisa Gumarovna

5. PhD, Associate Professor Gulnara Ahonova Kentibaevna

6. The senior lecturer Mustafina Aigul Salyhovna

7. Master of Economic Sciences Zhangalieva Paradise Ualiullievna

8. Master of Economic Sciences Altybaeva Shynar Mendigalievna

10. Master of Economics Baudiyarova Eleanor Nұrlybekқyzy

11. Senior Lecturer Elizabeth A. Skok

Organization of educational process

Employees of the department teach classes on 92 subjects.

To teach the department has classrooms equipped with modern computers, interactive whiteboard, multimedia projector, with which use innovative teaching methods: electronic textbooks, video lectures, electronic templates of accounting documents, the university acquired modern software systems «Audit Expert», «Priject Expert "," 1C: Enterprise 8.1.15 "as well as other teaching resources information: for preparation of tax returns and others. There is free internet access. Lab created "virtual bank", "Learning Accounting."

High qualification of the teaching staff is a prerequisite for a competitive level of education.

It improves the quality of the contingent of students, so more than 4 percent obuchajushche

hsya has various educational grants: MES, ZKGU im.M. Utemisov Fund "Bolashak" and so forth.

Special training for the loan program. An important outcome is to change the mentality of the teaching staff, a departure from the traditional methods of teaching to international, innovative. Lectures and workshops conducted at the department have the problem, debatable. Well aware of the essence of the credit technology students of the specialty. A large amount of independent work carried out under the guidance of teachers, enables the active development of the students' creative abilities, motivates the research activities.

Evidence of the success of the educational process at the faculty is to increase the absolute and qualitative knowledge. As a result of TDMA students showed good results - with an average of 99.2 points to 76.2 in the republic. Thus, the absolute progress of students in the 2012-2013 school year - 96.5%, the 2013-2014 school year - 99.5%. The quality of performance in the 2012-2013 school year - 76.7%, the 2013-2014 academic year - 96%.



Features of training:
 sessions on the program conducted by highly qualified professionals, educators, practitioners from krupney¬shih local and foreign companies;
 creative learning environment promotes mutual enrichment and development of new knowledge through high intellectual potential of teachers and students, creates unlimited opportunities for self-development;
 convenient schedule of classes, enabling learning on the job;
 offered assistance in finding employment in the leading Kazakhstan and foreign companies, as well as in career development;
 existence of a magnificent library fund;
 the introduction on preferential terms to the magistracy;
 opportunity to receive discounts on training.

Research activities of the department

Research work of the department "Accounting and Finance" in 2009 was held on the theme "Accounting and financial factors of the regional economy." During the period studied the organization of all types of accounting in enterprises of various spheres of activity, analyze accounting and financial factors of the regional economy, taxation issues, the development of a funded pension system and securities market in the country. The study results were presented at international and regional conferences in the cities of Saratov, Almaty, Samara, Aktyubinsk, Uralsk. Research material used in the learning process during the training sessions on the disciplines of the department, as well as in the preparation of teaching aids.


Our achievements and successes







Предметная олимпиада среди вузов ЗКО, 2013 г.


Olympics of JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan", September 2013

 Olympics of JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan", September 2013

Meeting of the Department of Accounting and Finance, 2013

1st place subject Olympiad on discipline "Taxes and taxation", 2013

Winners intellectual game, in November 2013


  Round table, devoted to "Day of national valyuty- tenge», 2013


Master Class director of the branch of JSC "Sberbank of Russia" Ph.D. AN Burahta


REPORT on the passage of a research internship

the passage of a research internship
teacher of "Accounting and Finance"
Faculty of Economics and Management
Cherpaevoy Asia Nurlanovna
at the University of William Marsh Rice
(Houston, TX, USA)
• William Marsh Rice University (Eng. William Marsh Rice University) and Rice University (Eng. Rice University) - US private research university located in Houston, Texas.
For its scale university has a very high level of research activity with the volume of financing of about $ 96 million. Rice University conducts applied research in the field of artificial heart, the structural chemical analysis, space sciences and nanotechnology. The university is divided by the model of Oxford and Cambridge universities, it consists of 11 colleges and 8 academic schools.
In 2010, Rice University took 17th place in the rating of "National Universities" edition of US News & World Report, the 47th in the global rankings Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and the 99-th position in the Academic Ranking of World Universities.
2. The objectives of the internship
• Study model of credit system of training University, USA.
• Establishment of international contacts with Rice University on academic mobility of faculty and students, as well as the joint participation of faculty in research conferences, research and participation of leading university professors to give lectures.
1. March 13, 2014 a meeting with representatives of the Rice University Adria Baker (Associate Vice Provost for International Education), Sonny Lim (Special Assistant for International Collaborations) and Andy Meretoya (International Program Administrator), where they discussed issues of academic mobility academics and students, as well as the joint participation of faculty in research conferences, research and participation of leading university professors to give lectures.
Встреча с представителями отдела по межд.связям
2. attend a lecture by Professor T.Hemmera (Houston Endowment Professor of Accounting, Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University) on the topic «Information economics based modeling of measurement and incentive problems in organizations employee stock options».

3. To study the model of the credit system of the university. 4. participate in collective excursions to Rice University, the aim of which is to get acquainted with the infrastructure of the university.

4. participate in collective excursions to Rice University, the aim of which is to get acquainted with the infrastructure of the university.


Rice University is a leading educational and research universities in the US. This university was visited by many famous political figures such as the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and Russian President Vladimir Putin, where he met with President George Bush senior. Meeting with the staff, teachers and students of the university participated in the tour gave a complete picture of Rice University. Its unique structure, exterior and interior campuses, classrooms, libraries, dormitories (where lives a quarter of students enrolled) impresses with its architectural style and comfort. The pride of the University its "green zone", a kind of arboretum, planted about 4000 trees.
There are 11 colleges that are an integral part of student life at the university. Each one is named after a historical figure, vnёsshey contribute to the creation and development of the university. Each college work canteens and dormitories.
Education is organized in 8 schools, six of which specialize in basic education, and two at the postgraduate education. The university offers 40 bachelor's programs, 51 - 29 masters and doctoral programs.
During the internship was a meeting with a professor of the Faculty of Business at Rice University, Dr. T.Hemmerom. During the meeting, Professor Hemmer gave details of the university's educational process.
The result of the passage of a research internship was the installation of international relations and cooperation in the field of scientific research.

Report on training students for academic mobility

Student Report

On the instruction of academic mobility

Name: Marat Yusupov Gabbasovich

Group: №09304

Cipher, a specialty: Economy ("Accounting and Auditing")

Country (City) training: Poland, Bydgoszcz

HEI: Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki (WSG)

Training period: from 01.10.13-14.02.14

General characteristics of the university: Higher School of Economics in Bydgoszcz - it is the largest private university in northern Poland. Currently, the school has about 9000 Polish students and a large number of foreigners. The teaching staff of the university has more than 450 researchers from Poland and from abroad.

Information about the instruction (discipline, schedules, order):

Discipline-Fundamentals of Business, Project Management, Polish Language and Culture, Service Innovation and Design Methods, Travel Geography and Tourism Destination Management, Fundamentals of Logistics, Recreation Management, Tourism Marketing, Interpersonal communication, Fundamentals of Hotel Management, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, First Aid, Fundamentals of Management, IT Technologies, Basics of Economics.

Raspisanie- from Monday to Friday from 9 Study: 00-18: 00

Order-each discipline takes place within 2-3 weeks, with exams at the end and tests, classes are consecutive.

Accommodation: Single and double bed in the room, closets and cabinets 2 tables, kitchen equipped: gas, fridge, freezer, microwave and much more. There is also a washing machine, ironing table, shower and so on. m.

Information about cultural and leisure activities: The University organizes holiday parties, student discos, city tours, visits to museums, free admission to cinemas and theaters of the city, and more.

General impressions and suggestions: I think that the university is very good, take care of their students in terms of learning we are constantly conducted by foreign professors and doctors from other countries were also sessions with professors and visitors with research projects. Full access to information, Wi Fi, a network connection with a high rate of 24 hours per day. Taking care of their university students, the timetable agreed with the students, a lot of practical training, caring for the leisure of students and I recommend it to many other students.