Department of Accounting and Finance

"Accounting - is the conscience of the business"

  L.fon Mises

"In modern times, the determining factor in the competitiveness of any nation is the level of education and intellectual potential of society. As the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan NA Nazarbayev in his Address to people of Kazakhstan in March 2007, "... we must achieve provision of quality educational services across the country to the world standards." Implementation of this mission lies with the national universities, public universities, which have a special status.

Today ZKGU im.M. Utemisov is considered as one of the leading universities in Western Kazakhstan, carrying out training of highly qualified personnel.

Occupation financier, accountant in a market economy is one of the most important, challenging and prestigious. Highly skilled in the art were paid high wages. Young people, by the profession, could touch the fundamental source of human knowledge and experience. Having mastered the accounting profession, reaching heights of her cherished, they will contribute to the development of accounting. After studying the financial discipline, will be able to manage the economic processes at both the micro and macro level.

Accounting, which appeared simultaneously with the script, which was the fundamental requirement of economic activity. Universities all over the world it is recognized as the most important subject for business students.

Finance - is the basis of any legal proceedings of any business.

Graduates of these specializations can take an economist, accountant, auditor, state employee, manager, head of the company, the analyst, banker, insurance agent, financial menedzhega and others.

Spheres of professional activity are the state bodies, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, control and state regulation of the economy, links market infrastructure, scientific research institutions.

Areas of professional activity meant for the economic, administrative, business, commercial, scientific and research work at the enterprises of different ownership forms.

In ZKGU im.M.Utemisova lessons are highly professional teachers who have not only teaching, but also practical experience, including CAP Certified Accountants. Training is conducted in Russian and state languages, there are additional electives in-depth study of foreign languages.

Your future success starts here!

Yours faithfully, Head of the Department Ph.D. MK Nugmanova 

Department of "Accounting and Finance" has been operating since 2002 and is a graduate of the specialty 5B050800 "Accounting and Auditing" and 5V050900 "Finance". The state license of the Republic of Kazakhstan number 0026241 Series AB. valid without limitation.

Training is conducted in accordance with the JI, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. Specialties are fully provided educational complex, the content of which corresponds to a model curriculum for the credit system of education

The department trains specialists of two levels, higher and secondary vocational education in daytime and correspondence courses in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

Teaching staff of the department:

1. PhD, senior lecturers - 8

2. Master of Economics - 2

3. Teachers - 5

Ostepenennyh the department is 53%.