Department of Accounting and Finance - Organization of educational process

Organization of educational process

Employees of the department teach classes on 92 subjects.

To teach the department has classrooms equipped with modern computers, interactive whiteboard, multimedia projector, with which use innovative teaching methods: electronic textbooks, video lectures, electronic templates of accounting documents, the university acquired modern software systems «Audit Expert», «Priject Expert "," 1C: Enterprise 8.1.15 "as well as other teaching resources information: for preparation of tax returns and others. There is free internet access. Lab created "virtual bank", "Learning Accounting."

High qualification of the teaching staff is a prerequisite for a competitive level of education.

It improves the quality of the contingent of students, so more than 4 percent obuchajushche

hsya has various educational grants: MES, ZKGU im.M. Utemisov Fund "Bolashak" and so forth.

Special training for the loan program. An important outcome is to change the mentality of the teaching staff, a departure from the traditional methods of teaching to international, innovative. Lectures and workshops conducted at the department have the problem, debatable. Well aware of the essence of the credit technology students of the specialty. A large amount of independent work carried out under the guidance of teachers, enables the active development of the students' creative abilities, motivates the research activities.

Evidence of the success of the educational process at the faculty is to increase the absolute and qualitative knowledge. As a result of TDMA students showed good results - with an average of 99.2 points to 76.2 in the republic. Thus, the absolute progress of students in the 2012-2013 school year - 96.5%, the 2013-2014 school year - 99.5%. The quality of performance in the 2012-2013 school year - 76.7%, the 2013-2014 academic year - 96%.



Features of training:
 sessions on the program conducted by highly qualified professionals, educators, practitioners from krupney¬shih local and foreign companies;
 creative learning environment promotes mutual enrichment and development of new knowledge through high intellectual potential of teachers and students, creates unlimited opportunities for self-development;
 convenient schedule of classes, enabling learning on the job;
 offered assistance in finding employment in the leading Kazakhstan and foreign companies, as well as in career development;
 existence of a magnificent library fund;
 the introduction on preferential terms to the magistracy;
 opportunity to receive discounts on training.