Department of legal disciplines

"We need to create a core of national intelligence, we need knowledgeable people who are able to compete on an international level."

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Nursultan Nazarbayev


Department "legal subjects" was formed in 1997 at the faculty of history and law in connection with the opening of a specialty "jurisprudence".

Since 1997 g.zaveduyuschy Department - Ph.D., Associate Professor Smirnov NA

Since 1999, the Department of legal disciplines was reorganized and established two new departments - the Department of State and legal disciplines (Head - PhD, associate professor of Tasmagambetov AS) and Chair of the special legal disciplines (Head - Associate Humpty BZ .)


In 2003, the Department of State and legal disciplines gets the name "Department of Theory and History of State and Law", and from the department of special legal disciplines are separated Department of Civil Law and Procedure (Head - Candidate of Law, Art. Zhanabilov teacher) and the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure (Chief -st.prepodavatel Musin PM)

Since 2005, due to the needs of specialty, department of theory and history of state and law again changed its name, the new head of the department of theory and history of state and law and constitutional law - PhD, Mazhitov RS

Since 2008, the department in charge of Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Esetova SK, from 2010 head of the "legal disciplines" Ph.D. Serikova LS


Since the founding of the Department of legal disciplines ZKGU them. Utemisov was released more than 3,000 students. Most of them are employed in their field. Scope of the legal department of alumni covers the work as a lawyer in the state and commercial organizations, in law enforcement.

As a rule, after graduating from university graduates find a job within the first year after graduation, achieve considerable success in the professional field, the scientific path, take an active civil position. For example, graduates of 2001: Nikolai Kovalyov - defended his master's thesis, has a degree of Doctor of Philosophy PhD, teaches law at the University of Toronto (Canada), an expert of the OSCE for the United Nations; Ilyasov Askar - he defended his master's thesis, completed doctoral PhD at the Eurasian National University named after Gumilev, trained in the UK, working in the ECC; Malikov Marat - Chief of Staff of the specialized administrative court of Uralsk; Sarsenbayev Ruslan - Deputy Chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Criminal Police Department of Internal Affairs; Lukpan Arman - Head of Legal Services Department of Housing and Utilities of Akimat of Uralsk; Igizov Talgat - Head of Legal Department LLP "OralTerminal"; Bagitzhanov Sapar - the head of the court №2 Zelenovsky area; Esekenov Arman - Deputy Director of the Board of RIC "Gradient"; Esetova Saltanat - winner of the State scientific grant for talented young scientists; Aymukanov Renat - defended his master's thesis, financial police investigator, teaches at the law office ZKGU. Graduates of 2002: Auelbaev Zaurbek - defended his master's thesis, Art. Lecturer legal separation ZKGU, Nurmahatov Daniyar - the last place of employment Head of the Disciplinary Board, currently graduate student of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Kazakhstan, Ruslan Aminov - Assistant Attorney Uralsk, Baigazov Nurzhan - Head of the Ministry of Finance, Iskindirova Nuria - a lawyer at JSC "Astana-Finance" Bayandykov Arsen - Head of the Department of Business, Kubashev Maxim - lawyer Inspections WKO financial control, etc. Graduates since 2003 .: Arman Zhumagulov - the lawyer of the Department of Statistics, Turmanov Ruslan - Acting Chief of Staff of the Court №2 of Uralsk, currently graduate student of the Institute of Justice at the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan, Askar Samarhanov - senior bailiff court administrators WKO Oskina Anna - Head of the penal Court Administrator WKO etc.

The department has scientific seminar, student scientific circles "Tsivilist" and "Forensic" Legal Clinic, the Cabinet of Criminalistics.



The department collaborates with national and foreign universities, such as the execution of them. Al-Farabi (Kazakstan, Almaty), Kazakh State Law University (Kazakstan, Astana), the University them. Buketov (Kazakstan, Karaganda) TashGYuI (Uzbekistan, Tashkent), Kyrgyz National University. J. Balasagun (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek), Samara State University (Russia, Samara), Saratov State University ((Russia, Saratov).5В030100- Юриспруденция

The objects of professional activity of graduates are:

 - Law enforcement authorities;

 - Judicial, executive and representative bodies of state power and administration;

 - Public and private enterprises;

 - Bar;

 - Banks;

 - Insurance and audit companies, education organizations.

Professional activities:

Bachelors spetsialnosti5V030100 - Yurisprudentsiyamogut perform the following professional activities:

 - Law enforcement in the internal affairs, financial police, national security, procuratorial, judicial organizations, etc .;

 - Legal and advisory activities as a lawyer, legal adviser;

 - Educational activities in schools, giving secondary and vocational education.


5V011500-Foundations of Law and Economics

Graduates with a degree in Bachelor 5V011500-Foundations of Law and Economics is awarded the academic degree of "Bachelor of the foundations of law and economics."

The objects of professional activity of graduates are:

- General education schools;

- Secondary vocational schools;

- Administration of education;

- Research institutions;

- Training institutes;

- Publishing;

- Library;

- Teaching classrooms, ekonomicheskogoyuridicheskogo education.

Professional activities:

BA in 5V011500-Foundations of Law and Economics can perform the following professional activities:

- Educational (teaching);

- Research;

- Advisory;

- Organizational and management;

- Coordination.