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In addition to the department of economics and business students, the educational work carried out. Each of the messages of the President, "Kazakhstan-2030", "2050" strategy and more attention is paid to young people. President's Message: "The education of our young, talented to be masters of their own". Therefore, in accordance with the requirements of the society in the same society, decorate, set a goal of educating young people develop.

To this end, the implementation of educational activities at the university, faculties, departments and educational plans have been developed. The main focus of the educational work were identified.

Credit system in accordance with the rules of the Department of Economics and Management, has worked with leading tutors.

KR President of the "Kazakhstan-2050: common goal, common interests, common future" in order to explain the President's Address to the Nation of Economics, Management, Marketing and Tourism, held a lesson for students bulak. By the Russian and Kazakh languages

"WKSU a lot of history" through the 1-year students in the university's museum, got acquainted with its history. Museum of ZKGU group shared their impressions. Veterans information about the achievements of the university students.          

          1-year students accepted into the "date of September 1," took part in the festive event. 1 with the curators of the students after the event, the faculty dean, the heads of the departments and the dean of students, auditoriums, a library, a presentation of the work schedule.

         1-year students of the senior students of the "Student-line connection" organized a festive evening. The top of the first year students take oath uyımdasırğan welcome students attended the concert program. 








November 27, 2015, the year the curator of the Department of Economics and Management Group Çeremwxïna Oksana Valerievna the and Egzalïeva Asel Bolatkalïevna provelï c kwrïrwyuşçïe Galois groups the First and vtorogo kwrsov specïalnostey economics and marketing kwratorskïy hour, posvyaşçennıy Dnyu the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.


Mwşaev Kanat (Group 09202) podgotovïl prezentacïyu o Activities Nursultan Nazarbayev. Dokladom "My First President" vıstwpïla Orazgalïeva Laura (Group E-12). Gordwz Hope (Mark 12) provela vïktorïnw Knowledge bïografïï the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and znamenatelnıx Danish stanovlenïya nezavïsïmogo of the state of the Republic of Kazakhstan.




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