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Information on specialty


5B050600 - Economy

BA in Economics and Business can occupy positions of managers, professionals, and others. Employees in the field of economics and statistics, financial and economic departments of analytical departments, enterprises and organizations of various sectors and forms of ownership. Bachelor of Economics will know:

- The tasks of economic and organizational nature, the use of modern technology, processing of information in a rapidly changing environment, in unusual situations, such as: economics, finance, management and other components of the business activities in organizations;

- Methods and techniques of project management and implementation of economic systems in the organization;

- Technology of interpersonal communication and group work, control the operation of the group development.

And also be able to:

- Creative activity, efficiently perform practical tasks within the framework of economic and other functions in the professional and social activities;

- Create conditions for the organization of production, social development, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services;

- Analyze own and foreign experience in the development and implementation of economic systems;

- To solve the problem based on the fact that the systems are composed of people, processes, hardware, software and data. 


5V050700 - Management

Bachelor of Management can operate in different economic structures, sociological services, organizational units control system, cross-industry complexes, the management bodies, joint stock companies, various business partnerships and non-profit organizations engaged in business and entrepreneurship.

Bachelor of Management have all the necessary knowledge and practical skills to work as a qualified middle management control system and can subsequently be used in various management positions.

The sphere of professional activity of graduates in this specialty are the real sector of economy, finance and banking, business and entrepreneurship.


 5V051100 Marketing

Graduates of this specialty can perform different functions in the implementation of administrative, business, commercial and research activities of economic entities.

The objects of professional activity of graduates are the markets (commodity, stock, information, capital, labor and others.), The marketing opportunities of economic agents, market research, promotion items, government agencies, manufacturing and intermediary companies.

Bachelors degree in marketing should be aware of the assessment of marketing opportunities of economic entities by means of techniques such as:

- Situational analysis, STEP-analysis, SWOT-analysis and GAP-analysis;

- On the scientific, philosophical, religious pictures of the world, the variety of forms of human knowledge, of spiritual values and their significance;

- Theoretical and methodological foundations of science;

- Methods and tools of state policy regulating the economic life of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- The basics of commodity research and examination of goods and services;

- The methods of regulation of international trade, the system of currency regulation and control in Kazakhstan.



The sphere of professional activity of a specialist in the field of lockjaw is the tourism and hospitality industry as well as science, education, government regulation and other areas of human activity, directly or indirectly related to tourism.

The objects of professional activity are:

Governments relating to the organization of tourism (ministries, governorates, their regional podrazdeleleniya and their structure);

Public and private companies Mountain hostel profile;

Mountain hostel marketing services businesses;

Objects of tourism infrastructure;

Educational institutions that train mid-level professionals on tourism;

Research organizations, has been studying the problems of the development of tourism;

Advertising agencies engaged in the promotion of tourist services in the domestic and foreign markets;

Master's specialty "Tourism";

Organization of the Ministry of Emergency Situations;

Other organizations and companies whose activities are connected with the specializations established by councils of universities.


5V051000-State and local government

The graduate is awarded the academic degree of Bachelor of Economics and Business in the specialty "State and local government."

Graduates can work in organizations to work with the population, local administrations, departments, committees for state employees, departments of state and municipal services for the socio-economic development of the country, regions, districts, cities and occupy the following positions: economist at the central and local governments, the manager State-owned enterprises, joint-stock companies, manufacturing companies, service industries, etc .; economist and manager of administrative structures of financial and credit sector; Specialists in the social sphere.