Department of Economics and Management

"Economics is the art to satisfy the limitless

needs using limited resources "

Laurence Peter


Preparation of highly qualified specialists with advanced training technologies and modern educational infrastructure in accordance with the needs of individuals, society and the state, can contribute positively to the development of education, the economy is the main mission of the department.

Objectives kafedry- implementation of training highly skilled and competitive labor market experts in the field of the economy, state and local government, management, marketing and tourism.

The Department conducts training of specialists on the basis of the state obligatory standards on specialties: economics, marketing, management, State and local government, tourism full-time, extramural courses. Training in specialties of economics and management is carried out in ZKGU im.M.Utemisova since 2003 on the basis of an application to the state license issued in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science from 03.08.2001 for № 643. According to the State educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan SES 3.08.450-2003 of Kazakhstan

Training with higher and postgraduate education is over 5 bachelor and master specialties 3. Indicators of quality of training of specialists in the department are of relevance to the labor market, career achievements and a high level of competitiveness, employment of graduates reached 78%. The system of social partnership is based on the interaction with consumers: more than 100 contracts signed by the internship, set up the Alumni Association and the Council of employers conducted interviews leaders database practices, the content of the educational programs are updated to meet the requirements of employers. One of the priorities of the department is to implement a package of measures for the education of young people with high civic and moral principles, patriotism and social responsibility.

Students of the department are the winners of national competitions in economics, marketing, tourism management. Scientific educational activities carried out highly professional teaching staff, more than 60% of A doctor and candidates of sciences, professors, associate professors. In recent years, the department to give lectures invited more than 10 foreign professors from five countries and abroad.

Analysis of the strengths of the activities of the department showed the following results, allowing you to identify the strategic areas:

stably high ranking Department of specialties in the region;

-Wide international relations and recognition of the university abroad;

-diversified nature of the activities of the department;

be a system of quality control obrazovaniya- internal regulatory documentation, monitoring studies, a survey of employers.


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Head of the Department Ph.D. Mergalieva LI