Ph. D - Nurgaliyev Aguila Mustahimovna

Nurgaliyev Aguila Mustahimovna - a specialist in oriental studies, the history of Islam in Kazakhstan, interfaith relations. Doctor of Historical Sciences (2010), Professor ZKGU (2012).

She graduated from the Yaroslavl State Pedagogical Institute. KD Ushinskogo (1973).

Student of Soviet history KazPI them. Abay (1973 - 1976).

Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of General History (1977-2004).

Head of the Department of Oriental Studies and International Relations UATiSO (1998-2004).

Associate Professor, Department of General History ZKGU, professor of world history and socio-political disciplines ZKGU (since 2004).

The scientist, educator, author of over 70 scientific publications on the history of Islam in Kazakhstan, interfaith relations, problems of teaching of Oriental Studies. Scientific studies have proved fruitful use of various conceptual theories, categories and ponya¬ty to describe the features of the cultural identity of the Kazakh society, problems of religious policy gosu¬darstva. Methodical work different novel teaching methods described by copyright.

Badge "Adal enbegi ushin" for achievements in scientific and pedagogical activity (2010).

Badge "For achievements in development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2012).

The main scientific works:

Essays on the history of Islam in Kazakhstan. - Almaty, 2005

Ways of formation of an effective mechanism for promoting interfaith. Uralsk, 2007

On the question of expanding the horizons of scientific research by Kazakh scientists in studying the history of Islamization of the population of Kazakhstan. Almaty, 2008

On the influence of religious policy of the government of the Russian Empire in the process of Islamization of the Kazakhs in the XVIII - XIX centuries. Moscow, 2009

The role of the geo-cultural factors in the formation of a special Kazakh cultural invariant. Uralsk, 2012 (in English)