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Educate on training highly qualified specialists with advanced training technologies and modern educational infrastructure in accordance with the needs of individuals, society and the state.


 Formation at the future experts of new economic thinking.


The ability to make the right decisions in the management of financial resources of the economic entity.






- Create the necessary conditions for the integration of training and educational processes, consistent development and self-creative personality


- Strengthening relations with international foundations, organizations and foreign partner universities to enhance the prestige, fundraising and professional development of its employees through participation in international projects


- Carrying out innovative policies in the field of informatization of education and implementation of new learning technologies


- Carrying out research works




Development priorities


- A high level of scientific and methodological training of teachers with academic degrees and titles


- Introduction of innovative learning technologies


- Extensive international contacts and recognition of high school abroad


- Availability of material and technical basis of the relevant qualification requirements


- The monitoring system of quality of education - the internal regulatory documents, monitoring studies, the current, intermediate and final control of knowledge and expertise rating of control of the professional level of teaching staff, a survey of employers.

Scientific circles

Extracurricular Activities


1. World history and social and political disciplines of the political club "consensus". The head teacher of a circle TT Shayhiev (43 students). The direction of the working group is able to contribute to the political development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, active, able to take responsibility, to contribute to the political development of individual units. Tömendeygidey during the events of the circle: Group discussions. 1.Bolaşaq strategy for the formation of a political leader. The Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan 2.Döñgelek table: the future and the current stage of development. 3.Däris political absenteeism: how to deal with it. Analysis of the President's message. 4.Toptıq discussion of political technologies: international experience. 5. Round table 25.11.2010. OSCE Summit in Kazakhstan, "a new impetus to the development of Kazakhstan's chairmanship of the OSCE democratic"


5. Round table 8.11.2011. The source of the spirit of Kazakh independence.





The legal department of the "officers" in a circle. A.B.Batırov head. The purpose of the circle is to promote the interest of young lawyers to increase their knowledge in the field of criminology.


The task of the circle of young law students:


- To increase the motivation of criminology.


Krïmïnalïstka teach sections of the analysis.


- Emphasizing the preservation of the material.






In addition, the "legal clinic". N.V.Vlasova head. Association of regional and national legal experts to improve the professional skills, methodological enrichment effort. The aim of the association:


- To attract more students from the combination;


- To acquaint students with the methodological heritage;


- Contribute to the growth of the creative abilities of students; Creating conditions for scientific research;


- The presentation of the methodology of modern jurisprudence;








"Legal Clinic" with the members of the members of the circle N.A.Vlasova








Legal Clinic ", organized by the citizens' role in the formation of the legal consciousness of the law clinic" round table (16.06.2011.)







Works in the Department of History of the following groups:


1.Murağattanw. The manager of the circle: LS Serikova, Dyusengalïeva MG, with 37 students;




"Archival" round table, organized by the group.



2.Murager. The manager of the circle: Baibolsynov AS, with 42 students;








"Legacy", the next meeting of the group.




Local 3.Tarïxï. The manager of the circle: Muqanğalïeva JK Twkeşeva NM, 38 students;


4.Étnolog archaeologist. The manager of the circle: Klışev EE, Tastaeva JK, 17 students;




Museum of History and law faculty of archeology




"History" students of archaeological practice