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Educate on training highly qualified specialists with advanced training technologies and modern educational infrastructure in accordance with the needs of individuals, society and the state.


 Formation at the future experts of new economic thinking.


The ability to make the right decisions in the management of financial resources of the economic entity.






- Create the necessary conditions for the integration of training and educational processes, consistent development and self-creative personality


- Strengthening relations with international foundations, organizations and foreign partner universities to enhance the prestige, fundraising and professional development of its employees through participation in international projects


- Carrying out innovative policies in the field of informatization of education and implementation of new learning technologies


- Carrying out research works




Development priorities


- A high level of scientific and methodological training of teachers with academic degrees and titles


- Introduction of innovative learning technologies


- Extensive international contacts and recognition of high school abroad


- Availability of material and technical basis of the relevant qualification requirements


- The monitoring system of quality of education - the internal regulatory documents, monitoring studies, the current, intermediate and final control of knowledge and expertise rating of control of the professional level of teaching staff, a survey of employers.

Erzhigitova A.Zh.



Erzhigitova Adyljan ZHENISOVICHA

I. name, date and place of birth.

Erzhigitov Adyljan Zhenysovich,

03.26.1978 city - Uralsk,

West Kazakhstan region.

II. Academic status, degree

(title of the dissertation, where, when and at what profession is protected)

III. Place of work and position (at the moment)

West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov, Faculty of History and Law, lecturer in world history and social and political sciences.

IV. List of published scientific articles:


1) Actual aspects of political terrorism // Materials of scientific-practical conference "Education and Science in modern conditions of development of Kazakhstan: experience, problems and prospects", devoted to the 70th anniversary of the West Kazakhstan State University, Uralsk, 2002.


2) Political culture as a factor for sustainable development // Proceedings of the international scientific-practical conference "Development of the economy in Western Kazakhstan: potential, problems and prospects", devoted to the 40th anniversary of the West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University, Uralsk, 2003.


3) The political culture in the modernization of Kazakhstan // Materials of the international scientific-practical conference "International Shalkar ethno-political forum", Uralsk, 2004.


4) The role of education in the socialization of the person // Proceedings of the international scientific-practical conference "Valihanovskie readings - 10", Volume 3, Kokshetau, 2005.


5) Education as a factor of successful modernization of society // Materials of the republican scientific-practical conference (II part) "Actual issues of teacher education in the implementation of the competence-based approach", Uralsk, 2007.

6) Electoral behavior as an object of political analysis // Ғasyrlar toғysyndaғy Turki өrkenietі: Sayasat economy zhane Madeniet: halyқaralyқ ғylymi tәzhіrebelіk konferentsiyasynyn Materialdary, Oral 2007.


7) Formation of political socialization of citizens // Bulletin of the West-Kazakhstan Humanitarian Academy. Proceedings of the international scientific-practical conference "Turkic in the new century: the preservation of spiritual values and problems of research", Uralsk, №4 (8), 2009.


8) History of the Great Patriotic War in patriotic education // Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War: history and heritage. Materials of republican scientific-practical conference, Oral, 2010.

Summary of the main articles

1. Historical background to the problem of terrorism, some features of modern terrorism.

2. Place and role of political culture in the political system. The influence of national political culture in the processes of transformation and modernization of society.

3. Education as a social institution, the key functions of education. The impact of education on the processes of socialization and the overall political socialization. The role of education in the formation of human capital.

4. Basic theory of electoral participation.

5. Place of historical events in the formation of political consciousness and patriotic education of the younger generation.

V. Three significant results for the entire creative life.

VI. Three significant results over the past 10 years.

VII. Three significant results over the past 3 years.

VIII. Scientific management

IX. Receiving grants from international research foundations.

X. Monographs.

XI. Tutorials

XII. Patents.

XІII. Membership in editorial boards of scientific journals of Kazakhstan.

XIV. Speech as a guest speaker at international conferences.

XV. Invitations to give lectures in foreign countries.

XVI. Scientific awards.