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Educate on training highly qualified specialists with advanced training technologies and modern educational infrastructure in accordance with the needs of individuals, society and the state.


 Formation at the future experts of new economic thinking.


The ability to make the right decisions in the management of financial resources of the economic entity.






- Create the necessary conditions for the integration of training and educational processes, consistent development and self-creative personality


- Strengthening relations with international foundations, organizations and foreign partner universities to enhance the prestige, fundraising and professional development of its employees through participation in international projects


- Carrying out innovative policies in the field of informatization of education and implementation of new learning technologies


- Carrying out research works




Development priorities


- A high level of scientific and methodological training of teachers with academic degrees and titles


- Introduction of innovative learning technologies


- Extensive international contacts and recognition of high school abroad


- Availability of material and technical basis of the relevant qualification requirements


- The monitoring system of quality of education - the internal regulatory documents, monitoring studies, the current, intermediate and final control of knowledge and expertise rating of control of the professional level of teaching staff, a survey of employers.

Research potential and its prospects

1.1. The scientific potential of the scientific potential of the teaching staff of the department


(2009, 2010, 2011, comparative analysis, advocacy, employment training);




The name of the department,


Staff / scientific potential (full-time)








Legal disciplines








In the last two years working on the basis of an agreement has increased at the expense of the candidate of legal sciences.











1.2. Master's degree; In 2011, the profile of the department flights teacher A.Q.Nwrjanova Engineers at.Qarağandı State University graduate. Teacher N.A.Vlasova Saratov State Law Academy 2 continues the type of part-time training course. S.M.Nawrzalïeva and teachers of the department A.T.Temïrgalïeva Friendship University in Moscow flights enrolled in the Master's degree at the expense of the federal budget. This is our great achievement.



1.3. PhD doctoral teaching students of the department of personnel training plan; According to the schedule, the department was planned two masters PhD doctorate of law. However, depending on the master Z.B.Awelbaev family have expressed a desire to learn, and Ğ.A.Asïlbekova L. horse. Requested documents in a timely manner due to the Eurasian National University, specializing in English language subjects did not pass the exam tapsırğanımen competition.



1.4. The implementation of the plan for the improvement of education (reference list)


Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University teachers training course was held according to plan. Not only due to the change in Z.B.Awelbaev. Presented the reports of the teachers in the course. 2009, scheduled for 2010, in accordance with the plan, all of the teachers training course. If you are working with the department for more than 5 years to improve the knowledge of teachers have not been trained Samuratova AO, Batyrov AB . 2012 teachers training courses included in the plan.




2. the results of their research (2009, 2010, relative to 2011)


2.1 Scholars results of the research topics of the department.


The main topics of the research work of the department faculty and associated research activities.







Full Name


Research direction




LS Serikova


The history of the development of Kazakhstan's oil and gas sectors, the history of economic issues




Abuov AG


Forensic examination of the issues and make an appointment




Tasmagambetov AS


Religious approach to legal views




BB Doszhanov


Immigration law, in particular the process of Kazakhstan




Mwttayrova TM


Political and legal views of individuals




Awelbaev ZB


Protection of the rights of the individual




Batyrov AB


Forensic research




Bazargalïeva JA


The value of the legal qualification of crimes committed through negligence




Vlasova NA


Wstanovlenïe proïsxojdenïya children




Asïlbekova GA


The right to international adoption




Gizzatov SM





Samuratova A.W


Legal aspects of the fight against corruption




Nabiyev J. N.


Izgelendirwdiñ ways of criminal punishment




AK Nurzhanova


Of the legal regulation of family and marriage relations




Mazhitov RS


Prosecutor of the right of legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan




Amanbaeva AM


The constitutional laws of foreign countries




AK Esengazïeva


Of the civil rights and legal status of subjects


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