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Educate on training highly qualified specialists with advanced training technologies and modern educational infrastructure in accordance with the needs of individuals, society and the state.


 Formation at the future experts of new economic thinking.


The ability to make the right decisions in the management of financial resources of the economic entity.






- Create the necessary conditions for the integration of training and educational processes, consistent development and self-creative personality


- Strengthening relations with international foundations, organizations and foreign partner universities to enhance the prestige, fundraising and professional development of its employees through participation in international projects


- Carrying out innovative policies in the field of informatization of education and implementation of new learning technologies


- Carrying out research works




Development priorities


- A high level of scientific and methodological training of teachers with academic degrees and titles


- Introduction of innovative learning technologies


- Extensive international contacts and recognition of high school abroad


- Availability of material and technical basis of the relevant qualification requirements


- The monitoring system of quality of education - the internal regulatory documents, monitoring studies, the current, intermediate and final control of knowledge and expertise rating of control of the professional level of teaching staff, a survey of employers.

Gizzatov S.M.

West Kazakhstan State University

Research Library

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Obscured Makhambetovich

Candidate of Historical Sciences




Obscured Makhambetovich ĞÏZZATOVTIÑ

Research and teaching activity.




Ğïzzatov obscured Makhambetovich on February 21, 1984 in West Kazakhstan region, the Akzhaik area Jañabulaq (former Kojexarovo) was born in the village.

2001-2005. West Kazakhstan State University, who studied at the Faculty of History and Law.

2002-2003. West Kazakhstan agrarian Zhangir Khan technical department at the University of military training and was awarded the rank of lieutenant.

2005-2007. WKSU's "Philosophy and Cultural Studies" department.

2007-2010. WKSU's "History", researcher at the Department.

2008-2009. WKSU's "Social and Humanities" department.

In 2009-2010. WKSU's "Principles of Philosophy and Law" department.

In 2010-2011. M.Utemisov of "discipline" department.

2010. 07.00.02. Native history (History of the Republic of Kazakhstan), specialty "Bokeyev Orda agricultural policy (in the first half of the nineteenth century)," he defended his thesis.

2010. - Chairman of the Board of Young Scientists M.Utemisov.

Ph.D. obscured Makhambetovich ĞÏZZATOVTIÑ international and national congresses, conferences, reports, scientific reports, and presentations.



1. history at the turn of the Millennium, and their advantages and disadvantages // International scientific-practical conference. - Berlin, 2006, pages 59-64.

2. Happy New zerdelesek // West Kazakhstan regional scientific-practical conference. Ural, 2006, pages 35-36.


1. In the first half of the nineteenth century, S. Khanate in the agricultural and social relations // history of the development of science and education in Western Kazakhstan, the republican scientific-practical conference. Oral, 2007. Pages 56-58.

2. S. horde history of the nation's spiritual heritage // ZKGU im.M.Utemisova international scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary. Oral, 2007. Pages 122-124.


1. S. Khan under the Internal Horde agricultural and social relations // "shock readings - 13" international scientific-practical conference. Berlin, 2008. - Volume 4 - 114-117 pages.

2. agrarian Zhangir Khan worked in the industry for good // "The West's economic, social and cultural development of the history and current state" of the international scientific-practical conference. Oral, 2008. Pages 194-196


1. S. Orda Ï.Ï.Zavalïşïn carried out agrarian reform. // III Toraygyrovskie: international scientific-theoretical conference. Pavlodar, 2009. - Volume 2. Pages 174-184.

2. Zhangir Bökeyulınıñ Considering the new agrarian reforms. // The application of new innovative technologies in educational process: Proceedings of the international scientific-practical conference. Shymkent, 2009. - Volume 2. Pages 256-260.





Ph.D. obscured Makhambetovich ĞÏZZATOVTIÑ chronological index of works






1. Happy New zerdelesek // "History questions and archeological Zapadnogo of Kazakhstan". - 2006. - №1-2. Pages 98-103.


2. In the years 1845-1854 S. Orda tax system and social conditions // Herald of ZKGU im.M.Utemisova. - 2007. - №3. Pages 41-45.

3. S. Khanate social institutions and their features // Bulletin of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, the history of the series. - 2007. - №3. Pages 68-70



4. S. Khan Horde at the issue of land and social conditions // Herald of ZKGU im.M.Utemisova. - 2008. - №1. Pages 16-22

5. S. Khanate of agrarian relations // Search - Search for the humanities series. - 2008. - №1. Pages 173-176.




6. probably during the reign of Sultan S. Orda agricultural policy. // M.Utemisov Bulletin. 2009. No. 3. 18-25 pages.

Ph.D. obscured Makhambetovich of the literature on the Life and Works of ĞÏZZATOVTIÑ

1. Dyusengalïeva MD Bokeh Orda trade and business // thesis for the degree of candidate of historical sciences. - Stockholm, 2010. - 142 p.

2. Tumenova L. Master's thesis on the history of the history of scarves Horde //. - Helsinki, 2010. - 70 pages.

3. Esbek B. Young scientists and graduate Jañabulaq // Ural morning, May 20, 2010.



S.M.Ğïzzatov contributed to the development debate in the region. In 2004, the "Truth" is one of the founders of the center of the debate. Since 2010, the "Council of Young Scientists of the West Kazakhstan region," the chairman of the public association.





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Name: obscured Gizzatov Makhambetovich

Date of birth year, month, date: 21.02.1984

Nationality: Kazakh

Marital status: Married


West Kazakhstan State University

Specialty: "History, Law and Economics," the teacher

Professional experience: 6 years

West Kazakhstan State University

Additional information: Since 2010, the candidate of historical sciences

Language skills: Kazakh - Native

Russian language - free

Computer literacy: MS Word, Excel,

Personal qualities: organizational responsibility, business

The passion: reading, listening to classical music